Average country wage

Yet another staff related question.

Is the average country wage calculated on basis of wage levels for all the enterprises, or based on wages paid to all of the employees in that country?

E.g. if there are 5 companies with a total of 5,000 flight attendants... is the average wage calculated as wage values given at the 5 companies (e.g. $800 + $827 + $835 + $902 + $786 averaged among 5), or is it calculated as average paid to each of the 5,000 flight attendants (e.g. 1024 FA x $800 + 2075 FA x $827 + 626FA x $835 +1175 FA x $902 + 100 FA x $786 averaged among 5,000)?

If I'm not mistaken, it's the second one-I'm assuming this because for the first theory; a company with just 1 flight attendant could drastically change the average wage

(and the average wage is also dependent on the starting country, I believe there's a restriction in place to the highest/lowest average salary possible for balancing issues, you may be better off asking a developer of the game first!  :ph34r: )

For anybody who might come across this thread by search, this is the response I got from AS:

it is weighted - so the salary for large airlines is counting more in the countries average wage than from airlines with only few employees.


if you operate the only airline in a country, and you increase a salary by 2 dollar, the country average for that staff member goes up by one dollar. So it seems like the country itself behaves like a company that pays the standard salary.


That would make sense... since in such a case how could you ever increase staff mood since they would be perpetually be paid only ”average”.

Nevertheless, if staff mood is related to how well they are paid relative to the country average then airlines in countries with few other airlines have a hard time...