Average Ticket Price

Hello.  I know there have been many gripes about not being able to see the ticket prices of your competitors on the new inventory menu.  I also know there are a lot of plans in the works for inventory.  This could have been suggested before, and if it was, I apologize.  Is it possible to just get an average ticket price in inventory for all the different classes?  It could be as simple as adding an "Average" or "Avg" column to the pricing table. 

But you have all prices including competitors prices listed in Market Analysis! Repeating same things in multiple sections will just result in unnecessary clutter.

Market Analysis was separates from Inventory for the very reason of decluttering.

I understand they want to declutter.  But the competitor's price is one of the gripes I've seen a lot of.  And it wouldn't really add that much more clutter.  It would literally be one extra column in the price box.