Baggage Fees

This is probably one of the most realistic airline sims out there. One thing that has been introduced in the real world since this game’s inception is the baggage fees we all hate. I think it would be good if they were added into the game as an option for us in order to get more revenue. Of course as part of the realism, the usage of baggage fees should have a negative impact on the ORS ratings of our routes. I’m not sure if I myself would use them, but it would be another fun dynamic for us armchair airline CEO’s to try.

I agree we need fees

this is not a bad idea. We could choose how many bags pax get free, and then how much it costs per extra bag.

EG; First two bags are free then everyone after that is $10.

Even the option to charge for bags over a certain weight to help with fuel costs.



if all our virtual passengers carry the same number of suit cases, with the same weight, it won’t make a difference…

With the current system you raise the ticket price by 10 dollar and your ORS rating drops a few points.

With the new system you ask a luggage fee of 10 dollar and your ORS rating drops a few points.

Adding luggage fees will only make a difference if some passengers travel with hand luggage only, some with a standard 20kg suitcase and some with several or heavy suitcases. Then airlines can…

charge no extra fee for standard luggage,

charge a fee for standard luggage,

charge for many or heavy pieces of luggage.

So you end up with 9 types of passengers instead of 3: economy without luggage, economy with standard 20kg luggage, economy with excess luggage, business without luggage, and so on.

I am not against the idea per se. But if I have to choose between a game server that responds fast and without a backlog and a server that suffers under extra workload, I go for the fast server ;)