Balance sheet or finance suggestion

Wish there was an easy way for each aircraft to have a financial statement to see if each aircraft is profitable, kinda like your income statement shows the entire airline. I t would allow you quickly show if the whole aircraft is profitable or if it is in the red. This would allow you to dive even deeper to each stop and fix the stops.

As I know from the AirlineSim Convention in Frankfurt this year, such a feature won’t be availiable soon. The development team has already thought about implementing it, but it would probably produce to much data. The game already struggels with huge loads of data and to have this information avaiable for each single aircraft would produce even more.

I also think, that this it not really necessary. It might be nice to have, but you should be able to judge on your own by taking a look at the flights tab of each aircraft, if they are profitable or not.

I agree you can break out a calculator and do it just takes a bit of time. Can always dream and maybe one day it would be available with an ability not to add to the server load.