Battle for Indonesia

Huge battle for Indonesia at the moment. Two main players are Indonesia airways and Sky Indonesia with 65 and 50 planes. About 6 smaller airlines as well.

I will do a full in depth guide to later but currently stuck in work.

Finally getting around to do this - this is probably the biggest battle I have seen for a very long time (maybe since the Turkish battle on this very game world).

We currently have 6 major airlines, 2 of which are over 100 aircraft strong and 3 of which are over 60 aircraft strong, totaling over 600 aircraft based in the nation. This has of course led to some heated battles at the major airports in the country. Jakarta is a bloodbath, with 4 airlines with over 1,250 weekly departures. The airlines in this battle are as follows: 


Sky Indonesia

The largest airline, with 170 planes its got bases all over Indonesia and has mostly focused on the domestic market. It is the largest airline in terms of departures at Jakarta with 2,300 weekly and also the largest airline at most other airports in terms of market share. 


21 737-300

17 737-400

5   737-500 

4   737-600

30 737-700

35 737-800

32 737-900

27 757-200

Bases: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali


Indonesian Airways

Second largest airline in terms of fleet. Indonesian airways operates an impressive fleet of 125 aircraft (Although at one point it did have over 130). It offers the most destinations of any of the airlines on this list, offering their passengers the most comprehensive route network in the country. 


1   A340-500

23 BAE-146-200

4   737-400

31 737-500

1   767-200

21 Fokker F28-4000 Fellowship

20 MD-81

24 MD-82

Bases: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan



Indonesia’s 3rd largest airline, IndoDash is purely based out of the countries capital in Jakarta airport. It is currently the 2nd largest carrier out of Jakarta (behind Sky Indonesia) in terms of weekly departures. Interestingly they are a independent airline with no current interlines with any other airline, it is still doing brilliantly with over 85% LFs. 


6   A320

10 A321

3   757-200

21  MD-81

36  MD-82

5    MD-88

5    MD-90

Bases: Jakarta


East Jet 

The fastest growing airline, East Jet is a fairly new player to the market and has focused on markets that have been missed by the other carriers. It currently has the largest international market share in the country, with flights to Australia, Philippines, Thailand amongst others. 


15    717

1      747

10    MD-81

24    MD-82

2      MD-88

26    MD-90

Bases: Jakarta, Bali



The people’s airline, it operates bases all over the country and has not focused purely on Jakarta like the other carriers. Its domestic route network is unmatched and this strategy has been a huge success. 


4    A320

4    A321

1    A330

16  ATR-42

5    ATR-72

6    717

12  MD-82

2    MD-83

1    MD-88

9    MD-90

Bases: Multiple


CRX Indonesia 

Regional airline based out Bali - flies a lot of routes that others dont due to their regional fleet. 



7   717

1   E-190

32 D328

3   MD-90

Bases: Bali


I am actually having so much fun here! More exciting drama than my other rather empty game world. The super cheap 2nd hand plane is the key, you can still make a decent profit margin with low LF. Being a local probably gave me some insight on what route is gonna be profitable, although some of my guess (and real life route) is modelled completely wrong in the game.

I also have a C/S agreement with one of them and so far it has been a mutualism symbiosis. Tons of feed for me and many of my pax connects to their service. I guess it’s a good strategy to cope with the sudden slot deficiency in CGK that happens in the last week or so.

Great job playing my beloved Indonesia! After having held a monopoly of it for 2 years here is some advice for success:

  • Throw anything at grabbing as many slots as possible before anyone else can (No slot blocking, obviously). Afterwards, start a subsidiary¬†with a good image and gradually transfer flights there.
  • Have the highest possible price in the beginning. Afterwards, switch to the highest possible rating.¬†
  • FLY TO AUSTRALIA! And connect it to the Middle East and China! That's¬†where the money is. I had about 50 A350s and a ton of A320s flying just to Australia. There is so much traffic if you have good partners and a very competitive rating.
  • Direct domestic traffic works at any time but creates very good waves for Australia flights (otherwise they don't¬†work). So snatch all slots around your waves. They will be very useful¬†in the future.
  • Connecting Australia doesn't¬†have to be through CGK. KNO, DPS, UPG and SUB work just as well.
  • Don't¬†bother connecting domestic through CGK. Due to the low amount¬†of slots, they are way more valuable¬†for medium and long haul. Just fly with narrowbodies from everywhere to everywhere.
  • HAVE THE BEST POSSIBLE RATING! Otherwise, you will never be able to go International where you have strong connecting competition.¬†
  • SIN and KUL slots are extremely important! Don't¬†let airlines from those places snatch your traffic.
  • Don't¬†bother flying to India, the Philippines and Thailand. Flights barely get filled. Only fly there if you have Australia traffic to connect.¬†
  • Fly big planes through CGK (A380, A350, 747 or 787) and schedule them perfectly to fit waves then have narrowbodies doing the off wave times. Without the big planes, you will never be able to get the connections necessary for the very lucrative Australia, Middle East and China flights.¬†
  • UPG HAS INSANE DEMAND TO EVERYWHERE! Throw planes to any domestic place and they will get filled with good ratings.
  • You can throw anything on CGK-SUB, SUB-DPS and it will get filled.
  • Fly a bunch of point to point. I had over 100 A320s flying random point to point.¬†
  • Don't¬†bother flying to Europe or Africa. Those planes would make way more money to Australia. Fly there only when your closer markets are covered.
  • Don't¬†bother flying regional. There is so much demand so narrowbodies can easily be filled. If you cant fill a narrowbody the¬†route is worthless.¬†

Good luck everyone! Remember that only 2 types of players will survive the battle. The biggest and the one with the best rating. Being medium sized with a bad rating will get you killed. 

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Sooo, Indonesien has declared bankruptcy. Now that I lost one of my main feeder, my LF suddenly dropped by around 10%  :(

Sooo, Indonesien has declared bankruptcy. Now that I lost one of my main feeder, my LF suddenly dropped by around 10%

Thats the issue with not settling into a major hub


I was a big Indonesian airline in Stapleton years ago. Glad to see a battle now, cause back then I have no competition.

Thats the issue with not settling into a major hub

Yeah, the slot problem in CGK is mad! Only 3% left so I can only expand on other city :( 

Okay, I'm closing down the shop. Not worth the credits and just gonna focus on my other airline. It was a nice place to experiment on some ideas though! Good luck for the rest of you!