Best new world

I wanna start playing on one more server so I want to know what is the best game world to start with? I dont want too many competitors and no available slots…

I’m afraid there is no sandbox mode available :wink:

other than that, you will have to check the airports. there are niches at every single one of them. it’s a matter of patience and concept to find them.

if you are looking for an unoccuppied Fra, LHR, JFK and the likr, you are out of luck on all servers. but then again, even there a major player might have just dropped out.

but even if someone were to post that airport on this board, you would have at least a few other airlines fighting you for that spot.

Its clear to me but on some servers even smaller airports have problems with timetable thats why i’m asking about “clearest” server with no traffic jam… Even if there is no so much companies but fewer big companies on the server they can produce traffic jam if they have big number of flights…

so the answer is still the same. :wink:

the answer you’re probably looking for is meigs and pearls

begin in Devau :wink: