Betting community for UEFA Euro 2012

The Aeolus Alliance (playing on Kaitak) has organized a betting community for the games of the European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland.

All AS players are invited to join the community. To become a member or to get further information, just follow this link. Please use your account name of AirlineSim, so that we can ban unauthorized players. It’s also necessary for the credits you’re able to earn!



So, what can you earn?



First: 250 credits

Second: 125 credits

Third: 60 credits

The rules are quite simple:


Other players’ bets are only visible after the deadline for placing bets has run out.

Betting mode:

Betting on the exact result.

The result "after penalties" will be applied.

Points rules:

Tendency: 1 point

Goal difference: 2 points

Result: 3 points

If your bet is a draw, you get 1 point for tendency or 3 points for exact result.

There are also questions to answer:

Which team will win group A/B/C/D?

Right answer: 5 points!

Who is going to win the Championship?

Right answer: 10 points!

These five questions have to be answered before first match has started!

Any Questions? Just ask, especially if they aren’t explained in English at! The betting community is also translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch.

Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

first of all, great idea! thx!!!

is this thread also for discusion?

can i change a bet before deadline?

changing is possible every time before deadline

i got some trouble by placing a bet! i would like to answer the questions but if i chose matchday "questions" there is a message "No betting events…". am i wrong?

Sorry for my late reply:

The questions can be answered if you go to “placing a bet” and then “matchday 1”. They are listed below. I don’t know why they aren’t placed on their own page

thx. got it. it looks a little bit confusing ;)

Tonight is the Night, Italy must win else i get kicked out of the top of the list, so im for Italy :)

Got kicked as leader of the board. Congratulations to the winners.

And the European Championship is over, the winner is Spain once again :wink:

We also have winners who get their presents soon…

First Place goes to Nabul, 55 points, second place goes to Netsrot258, 53 points and finally third place goes to dVoCex, 51 points. A close fight :wink:

Congratulations to all winners!

A big "thank you" for all helping in organisation and administration of the betting and also for all paricipants.

The winner-vouchers has been send by private notice or ingame-message.