Boeing 727

Why are there so few Boeing 727 aircraft in-game?  As of July 2013, a total of 109 Boeing 727s (5× 727-100s and 104× -200s) were in commercial service with 34 airlines ["2013 World Airliner Census", p. 49.] (not including private aircraft and retired transports, which would be available for purchase in real life. Since the quantity of airlines and aircraft in Airlinesim is significantly greater than in real life, one would think that the 727 populations would also have grown to reflect real life used aircraft. For example, in Ellinikon, there are 9 727-100s which seems spot on proportional to real life, but only 98 727-200s (all types). Meanwhile, however, the Dash-8 has 1540 produced, as compared to 1215 ordered total in real life This is disproportional, and has the potential to crush smaller airlines with the unrealistic costs of buying or leasing brand new aircraft, and removes a tough old airplane from the ranks. Any thoughts on how to fix this, or am I the only one bothered by this?

Additionally, people don't care that much about what they climb into, if it is a jet, and offers a comfortable ride, which the 727 is and does (if a bit loud towards the back), unlike the dash-8.

I don't get yout point. So, your statistics say that there were 109 still in service in RL, and in AS the number is 107, so pretty spot on. The team takes the number of aircraft in actual operation into account, and while I can understand the controversy whether to include retired aircraft (those which could quickly re-enter service) into the figures or not, but the team has made a coherent attitude towards that.

The Dash 8 numbers are misleading as the Q400 was (and the NextGen still is) orderable when the server launched and therefore there was and is infinite supply. When an airline that ordered and operated loads of those machines goes bankrupt huge numbers will come onto the market. The Q100, Q200 and Q300 numbers should be realistic.

This number is not that different from the real world number like for example to number of 757SF/PFs in service. For example on Stapleton there are 114 of these aircraft but as of July 2015 there were 252 of these aircraft in service around the world. This is a difference of 138 aircraft. I would suggest the team to change this and add these aircraft t the game worlds. Otherwise the number of other 757 models does not look that wrong.

Fair enough, but my point was about how many more airlines there on there as compared to real life, and that used aircraft should be scaled to match.