Bookingcollapse Nicosia

Since last week there has been a problem on the Nicosia server where players has experienced a drop in bookings of around 10-20%.

As this problem is still going on it really starts making critical problems for the players and i desided i would give this problem a own thread

so u guys can post youre problems on this topic here on this thread.

Can the Team please update us on the problem? When can we expect it to be fixed?

Not a server status thread. Moved to more appropriate board.

i guess we just have to roll with it. i will reduce capacity in the next days. i think i will reduce by about 10 acft.

I’ve lost about 10% in pax and cargo and as such my profit has taken a 50% hit

lost between 10%-20%.

like most of the Ally Airlines

Please guys, I beg you to try seeing it as a challenge and not as a disaster.

We had essentially three choices:

  • Kill Nicosia altogether because we couldn’t get the performance issue fixed

  • Leaving everything as it is, accepting Nicosias bad performance and restarting it several times a day when it fails do handle LAX, PHX or similar airports

  • Change demand distribution a bit, making performance slightly (enough) better and accepting a tiny change in demand levels

Which one would you prefer?

Killing Nicosia means to reset the server?

Well thats a hard question Martin…

if, you kill (restart) it, i would happily jump in! :ph34r:

But I see that this option would be a desaster for the current players …

could you kill it and give current players the same capital/value in the holdings that they currently have. juat an idea if the server is dying maybe thiswould be agood solution. the players who having been playing for years would be at a deserved advantage.

Or maybe just reduce the Slots in LAX & PHX. Kraven with "Fly Querra" (i forget the name) ist allready gone there. I don’t think that all of this three options are acceptable for players there are allready 1-2 year’s on this server.

@ martin:

I don't see how this should fix the problem. Within some months the same problem will appear on the other servers, since they are (all) running the same configuration. 

And btw. why didn’t you just reduce the demand on the specific airports? As you said only these two were the problem so I don’t see why you have to reduce the demand on all airports.

Because this wouldn’t help at all? We know that you all like airlinesim and you want a solution good for everyone as we want too. But this is a very tricky detail in airlinesim and you must believe us, that there isn’t a “simple solution” we haven’t already considered ;)

And where is the problem to increase the volume of passengers by +10/20% for now? And when you fixed the problem you can go back to the normal volume.

Edit: -15% allready for Expatriates.

to be honest, i think having variable pax adds a cool dimension to the game. real world events like s11, gfc etc should be reflected. makes life more challenging. but if this is the case i think its good that everyone knows this, so when they watch the news they know demand for syria will be soft.

but i dont think this will fix the bug. maybe something went wrong when lee loo jet went tits up.

as i suggested before, maybe a poll should be done for a fresh server, however in this case the players will get the capital that reflects their current position in the game and they must start in the same airport they are currently in.

i understand there is also problems with this option but if the server is dying i would prefer this to a total restart and loose everything that i worked for over the last years

Kuala Lumpur Airlines: -15%+++ :o

…and they would build their fleets as big as before within a few days and the problem is back again… this "solution" doesn’t make sense

Play in Africa -> it’s the bigger challenge and sometimes I have the feeling that PAX demands are already variable there…

Not only in Africa. In Israel too.