Business class Bug

The AS team should really rethink the way the business class traffic is handled in the game. The thing is on Gatow, a set of airlines are flying this class with standard seats, and just by lowering the prices their flights get an astronomic boom in the flight rating, although it's specific rating it's on average two bars or less.

This concerns me because it doesn't reflect reality at all, specially on Medium to Long-haul flights. Passengers want to fly in this class for the increse in confort/services, and the price is a much less important criteria than for economy class. No real passenger in the world would pay a great extra to fly on the same conditions that much cheaper economy class seating.

This is not being reflected in the overall rating, when simply by lowering the prices ( below the average route price by now ) you get an astonishing good rating for the class in the flight.

Please do share any thoughts on the matter, this really upsets me because I play this game for the realism and although I think very positive being possible to choose standard inferior seating to business or even first classes, the consequences of that should be reflected like in the real world, and they’re not.

Cheers all

One thing I have not figured out, how can you tell what kind of cabin configurations other airlines are using?

By using the fleet list tool:

Of course there is a bit of guessing two, especially when players do not use the maximum amount of space but in general it goes like this

Type: Space:

Std. 1

Eco. 1.2

Eco+ 1.5

Biz 2

BizB 2.2

BizP 2.5


It seems as though it should be a bit easier, and the info should be somehow published in the flight information.  It is not like it is a big secret in the real world.