Buyout of Holding Company's Enterprise

Hi there,

I have a quick question regarding the buyout of an enterprise. Let’s say a user has 2 holding companies with enterprises in each one. Let’s say I’d like holding company ‘A’ to buyout holding company ‘B’'s enterprise. Is this allowable through the stock market / game rules?



no, 2 holdings from one user can’t work together in any way , no stock market transactions, no interlining, no plane lease

This prompts me to ask - if it is illegal for two holdings owned by one user to cooperate, why does the system allow a user to operate more than one holding on the same server in the first place? If someone wants to operate more than one holding, he can simply start another holding on a different server. That way it is impossible for the holdings to cooperate, and the "cheating" rule is superfluous.

Many users like to try different independent concepts in the same gameworld. Thus it makes sense.

As long, as the program efficiently blocks cooperation anyway, I don’t see how this is a problem. :)

Right… and by the way it’s more expensive to have holdings on different server (I believe).

it is, indeed.

It seems really good, that 2 holdings of the same users, can have IL, Plane Lease and Stock Trading. (I dream to have a company in brazil and another in argentina but, without Il, is complicated. =X)

whats the problem ? argentina is open for investments from everywhere

you can found your holding and first airline in brazil and then found a subsidiary in argentina

same holding, they can work together

What he wants is basically 20 mil to play with at start :)

Same holding, it’s complicated, lol, small enterprises, small dividend revenue.

It is, for me, argentina, is not a open market, and need IL’S to have an enterprise in there. It’s complicated.

This is what the game says about it:

[color=#333333]Unrestricted market access[color=#008000]yes[/color][font="Arial"][size="2"]So, as you can see (and chillhunter correctly pointed out), Argentina is open for all to invest in. You can start your airline in Brasil and then later start a second one under the same holding in Argentina. Of course, if you want to IL between the two, and also want to start them at the same time, your only option is to split the 10 million starting funds between two subsidiaries.[/size][/font][/color]