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I just read the announcement about the new cabin editor. I am however not sure if I understand everything correctly...

Our largest legacy seat is merely half the size of our largest new first class seat

I am sorry but you lost me here... I never heard of a legacy seat  :-)

Giving the old seats ratings that correspond to their new counterparts will be unfair because you can fit a lot more of them into your aircraft.

The current standard/economy/ecoplus seat is bigger than its new version, so you can fit more of them (new seats) into the aircraft.


The current standard/economy/ecoplus seat is smaller than its new version, so you can fit more of them (old seats) into the aircraft.

Simply using the new scale will give economy class seats a rating that's too high and business/first seats one that's too low.

Does this mean the new economy seats are smaller, so the old rating would be too high after we have installed new seats ? And the new business seats are bigger, so using the old rating would give our new business seats a rating that is too low ?


It was a very complicated post from AS staff and I would like to hear some explanations as well... with the seats it looks like the whole ORS ratings will be rewritten

@ Sobelair ....

This is a Link from the german Forum but in post#12 Miki posted a picture how the new seat editor will look like as well with the seats. Everybody who was at the convention in Frankfurt this year got access to a testsever ..... if you wonder why he got access .......Miki compared as well the seat size old vs new and I am sure you will figure it out even without translation  ;) . The main Problem how I understand it is that AS wants to make sure once the editor is out you are not forced to change the seats. After the release however you need to use the new seating editor and seats for aircrafts you get after the release. During the tests now it came out that if you don't change your seats you will get better ratings for the (old) economy class seats compared to the new one's .... and worse ratings in Business and first. Hope that clarifies it a little better -) 

PS: You may also look to post #20 from Fluggast07 he compared the seat size old vs new and came out with a factor how much space you need for that seat in the new editor ......

Why not just simplify the issue by forcing everyone to change seats? If they refund us the money we spent on the old seats used on the current fleet, most people are probably ok with changing the cabin layout. Might be easier than trying to balance out the ratings.

I am sure that the Team spend some brainstorming into the Issue to find a solution. What you suggested may look simple but first not everybody got the time to play AS every day. Second you have players that have big fleets. You need to have a strategy what seats you like to put in and then you have to change the seats on each aircraft. That alone will take a lot of time ... at least for some ....... And last but not least ... I am not sure if there is a summery on how much player x spend for seats in his entire Fleet. Even if it was ... we have 11 Game worlds with maybe a total of 6000 or 7000 players. The team would manually transfer the money to your account. even if looking up and put the numer in and transfer the money would take 3 min each we are talking about 21000 min. Since ( I believe) only martin and SK can do that ( even if more people would have access to the system) It would simply takes ages not to speak that all hell will break loose in the forum whu player x has got the transfer ahead to player z..........  lets wait and see when we read the announcement that the new editor is online  ;)

What you said regarding strategy also applies to not changing the fleet. And I don't know why you assume calculating the amount and transfer money is a manual process.

This is a Link from the german Forum...

Hi Benjamin,

thanks a lot. That completely clarifies the problem with the new seats.

I understand that every AS player was welcome in Frankfurt, and that the information is available to all players. But the AS team should also understand that it is not easy for non-Germans to attend a meeting in Frankfurt. Anyway, I am sure all further and detailed information will be shared on the English forum as it has been on the German forum.

So for all international players... this is what I have understood from the German forum:

The new seats on the right have a passenger rating that compares to the rating of the seats we use now...

Standard seat => Standard

Economy => Leisure Plus

EcoPlus => Comfort

Business Basic => Recliner Shorthoul

Business Advanced => Lie-Flat 140 Seat

Business Premium => Full Bed Seat

Golden Class => Full Bed Wide

Diamond Class => Privat Suite

The new seats have a different spacing than the old seats. New economy seats take less space, while new first class seats take more space. The number next to each seat is the place used compared to a standard seat...

Standard: 1                          Standard: 1

Economy: 1,2                       Leisure Plus: 1,1

EcoPlus: 1,5                         Comfort: 1,1

Business Basic: 2                 Recliner Shorthaul: 1,3

Business Advanced: 2,25     Lie-Flat 140: 2,5

Business Premium: 2,5         Full Bed: 3,5

Golden Class: 3                   Full Bed Wide: 4,4

Platinum Class: 3,3

Diamond Class: 3,6             Private Suite: 6,2

That indeed causes problems. You cannot expect every airline to replace every seat of every plane overnight. But most seats in our planes are economy seats. Everybody who does not use standard seats will be motivated to replace his seats, as the new seats take less space. And those who use standard seats in economy, probably don't have Diamond class seats in their planes anyway  ;-)

I see however another problem. Planes who are now exceeding the limit of their full load range, won't be able to fly these routes anymore. Or they will only be able to use 80% of their capacity on these routes. Perhaps fixing the seat spacing tool can solve that problem.


Please note that this not an official statement and that especially the rating is subject to change until launch. So we kindly ask you for patience ;)

Just give players one month to change the cabin configuration and after 1 month turn off the old cabin config and players who did not change. Change automatically to +/- the same config.


one month to test out a few things and then implement it to a big fleet seems a bit short. But I get your drift and agree with you.

If it is an improvement to the game, go ahead and implement it. Just announce the change in advance, so airlines can save money... it will be a big investment. And then give everybody two months to change their cabin configurations.

If I understand it correctly, things like additional foot rests and in-flight-entertainment will be added later. I guess  (hope :-)  we shall be able to add these without having to replace the seats. Will these things affect the cabin rating ? That would mean checking ratings and changing our ticket prices twice. Once when the new seats are introduced, and then again when IFE is introduced  :-)

But all in all, I am looking forward to the new cabin editor.


Even without advanced notice, it's still ok. This is similar to real life when your competitors start rolling out out new seats and you have to react to remain competitive. 

I don't see the problem either, there is something new on the market so to say, it is up to every CEO to refurbish their planes or not... Just like in real life.

It's far from that simple. To be honest I'm not sure this new cabin editor should be rolled out on established worlds at all..

Not only that it'll bring different ratings, it brings significant capacity difference. And those make payload limits came into play, affecting plane selection. I feel many players might be unpleasantly surprised that their beloved machines  can't do the trick anymore, resulting in a big fleet changes. I'm quite curious, also, how operation out of SNA and the like will look like after new cabins.

So in no way this feature should be automatic or "forced", that will bring level of complains here, which I expect to be high anyway, to sky-rocket level.