Cabin weight


Planes have certain range which is available for max payload.

However if I configure a premium heavy cabin, does it mean that I get to fly further without payload restrictions ?

I would assume that 100 premium seats + PAX weigh less than 160 Standard seats + PAX ? Is there a way to figure this out during the cabin configuration process so that I do not have to actually assign the cabin to an aircraft to try it out (and loose money in the process...).

A simple formula to compute max payload weight for each config would do the trick ;-)




Every passenger weight 95 kg so you can calculate the total weight of passengers. Also, one cargo unit is 100 kg. Then, you can check the performance tool to see exactly the maximum admitted payload for a flight and for a specific airline.

Hope it helps!

But how much do different seats weigh ? Wouldn’t that also affect the calculation ?

Don't think the weight of the seats counts towards payload maximums.

So seats are part of the empty weight regardles of their amount ?

Yup. Ignore their weight. All you need to know is passengers (95kg/each) and freight (100kg/each).

There’s gotta be something wrong with these numbers (95 kg per PAX and 100 kg per Cargo Unit).

I have just deployed a 321neo on a short route, no runway contraints, and still with a configuration of 24/174 it is giving me just 8 available cargo units…

(198*95kgs equals 18,810 kgs, and the aircraft’s maximum payload is 20,900 kgs… I should be getting at least 20 Cargo Units ain’t that correct? 20,900-18,810 equals 2,090 kgs)

Servers with DTA calculate cargo based on volume.
Your 198 pax (their baggage) might eat up most of the hold volume, leaving you with room for only 8CU.

No, wait, in this case it’s container tare weight adding to your pax+baggage weight. No volume, but weight restriction here.

Doesn’t fuel also weigh in the calculation?

He said short route, so I take it he’s within the max. paxload range. Roundabout 4000km in this case. Everything above this means a tradeoff of fuel weight vs. possible payload (see performance tool)

Fuel is not a direct factor when calculating Max Payload Available.

It does affect indirectly as MTOW = Payload + Fuel (in real life this equation would be more complete but for the game that is all we need).

I thought fuel was also a factor in calculating weight. My ATR will not have cargo for longer route even though it is within distance and runway restriction. Somebody said, that people who travel longer route will have more baggage, so it will take more space in the cargo. I thought it was because it has more fuel in it. But from what I know, as long as it is within the maximum range, fuel has nothing to do with the weight. Fuel has something to do with turnaround times. (In Dynamic Turnaround world)

To put it simply: The take-off weight consists of the aircraft’s empty weight (OEW), the weight of the fuel and the weight of the payload. All three together must not exceed the maximum take-off weight (MTOW). So on longer flights which require more fuel and on which there’s more luggage per pax (in worlds with Dynamic Turnaround Times only), your cargo capacity might drop.