Calculating Expenses

I am curious if there is a way to either find or calculate a few of the items in the flight profitability screen.

I have figured out or found in the game several stats, such as fuel used, ATC costs, landing fees, etc.

However, I cannot figure out how the following are calculated:

Aircraft Handling

Branch Office



I can figure out what I am being charged for these items by using the Bank Account feature on existing routes… But what if I want to figure it out for a new route or a new equipment type?


‘Aircraft Type Evaluation’ will give you a better idea.

Though that will not be entirely accurate as you will (probably) not have a single class config on your aircraft.


Yeah, I don’t know why I have to pay over a hundred flight planners if I have to schedule every flight myself :P

On a more serious note…

The maintenance cost depends on the number of flights (two 2 hour flights require more maintenance than one 4 hour flight), type and age of the plane, and the maintenance contractor. The aircraft evaluation tool gives you the maintenance cost for a given plane on a given route. I believe the given cost is based on what the standard maintenance contractor charges.

Passenger handling costs 11 dollar per passenger.

I can’t tell you how check-in staff, fleet management, flight planning and other administrative staff are employed. The only thing I know is that you don’t need staff for offices in airports without flights. That is, if you stop flying to a certain airport, staff is removed from that airport. They remain however on your payroll until you fire them or until they are automatically employed in another office (new destination for example).


I actually experienced that the maintenance is specific, when you start it will be automatically amethyst - which is avg. Since I planned on buying old planes I decided to sacrifice turnaround/efficiency by choosing aeronatautique solaire which said rates good on price vs avg on amethyst. Now the maintenance rate calculation for an ATP and a Fokker 50 from Saw to Vienna shot up from 2001 and 1831 to 2420 and 2130 respectively (eroding 3% margin on 100% full). Odd, I would have thought good and excellent on price meant cheaper not more expensive. Then I reset and tried 2 click, which is good on price, lousy on quality, and average on efficiency. Now the figures are 1801 and 1632 respectively (total margin 33%) So it seems two factors effect maintenance price calculations - good/excellent price is cheaper, but efficiency effects the price as well I guess this is due to the time factor/overhead. My guess anyway.

Those are very interesting findings, pharmy, I think I might experiment on it myself. Will send you the bill if things go wrong.

Yea it would be useful to be able to plug in a route with any aircraft and just see what the costs would be without having to create a flight first. Maybe drop down menu to select who does the MX. Going cargo makes it very tough.