Calculation of severance payment


due to increasing costs I’m presently reducing staff. As I understood from the Airlinesim Wiki, the severance payment per each employee dismissed is three times the average weekly salary of an employee. What I noticed: When I recently dismissed some employees from network planning, AS$ 5400.- per each employee became due for payment. However: the average weekly salary for such an employee in South Africa is AS$ 907.- only so the actually paid severance payment is about six times the average weekly salary! Did I overlook or misunderstand something or does the calculation within the system not work properly? Looking forward to an enlightenment.

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its correct, they get six wages, but not from the average country salary

its a predefined wage from AS, but i dont know exactly how much it is


thanks so far. So the source I looked into was most probably wrong. That’s going to be an expensive adventure…