can anyone introduce about joining alliance?

I am new player…want to join a US alliance. What is the use of alliance? any different about interlining?

i think you were asked not to post everything in the general section

this question is not a in-game problem, so why not here?

that has nothing to do with ingame or not

that has to do with that the community can answer the question

the second headline in the community section is probably misleading

because the communitiy support is not only for in-game questions and problems

also and especially for questions around the game


click here for some basic information on alliances.


thank you. You are helpful.

Thanks and you’re welcome.

But I believe Chillhunters remark was in place. Questions to other players should pe posted in the Community Support section. Although it is not always very clear. My complaint about the seat spacing also included a question to other players :blush: