Can I book a route with a VIA to increase load?

Can I send an airplane to airport A, have it sit for 2hrs (to get MX in), then have it go to airport B, sit for 1hr 15 min, then go to airport C. will the aircraft pick up cargo during the 1hr 15min turn from B to C if the transfer time is 1hr 15min?

Sure. Cargo can be loaded in any case. Pax can be loaded depending on your traffic rights between B and C…


just to make sure you get the transfer thing right…

An airplane does not have to stay 1hr 15’ on the ground to pick up passengers and cargo. You can schedule a plane with no time between the blocks and it can still unload/load passengers and cargo.

The (minimum) transfer time is the time passengers (and cargo) need to step out of one plane and get on another plane. An example:

Plane 1 lands at 14:00 and takes off again at 16:00

Plane 2 lands at 16:00 and takes off again as soon as it is ready, without any waiting.

In this case passengers (and cargo) from plane 1 can make the transfer to plane 2, even though plane 2 did not spend any waiting time on the gound.

But obviously, if you run a good network, you will try to land several planes around 14:00 and have them take off again around 15:30… that way arriving passengers can transfer to several flights.


Thanks solbawir that I was unsure of! I didn’t know if a plane landing needed the time to check the cargo staying on board!

So if you want to pickup and drop cargo using the A-B-C / C-B-A model. Would you use the VIA setup or do you just setup 2 flight numbers going each way? Are there advantages to either setup?