Can I buildup my own airport?

Lets say I find an airport in a rather good location, good ground network, not being used much, and is 6 bars on the pax. If I start doing a lot of flights in and out of that field is there any potential for the airport bars to go higher?

No, it is not possible to generate more passengers.

AS is based on figures from about 2003, the demand has remaindes unchanged.


Daniel is right. You cannot increase traffic to your airport.

But… a good network and good ORS ratings can attract a lot of transfer passengers. A lot of passenger traffic between regional airports and a major airports in other countries goes via connected flights: regional airport => some hub => major airport. AS passengers don’t care whether that hub is a big airport or not.

You can operate an airline from a major airport and fail to grow because you only fly to other major airports. Your growth will be limited once you have served all direct passengers between your major airport hub and the other major airports. The reason being that there are many direct flights between major airports and the ORS gives a penalty to connecting flights.

You can operate an airline from a medium sized airport and attract a lot of transfer passengers if you offer the right connections. This way you will attract more passengers than your 6 green bars… but they will only use your airport as a stop between connecting flights.