Can i have a description for Load factor?


In my Load factor i can see 4 different destinations for my passenger:

From ext. Feeder

Fron own feeder

To ext. connection

To own connection

Which are the differents?

Thank’s far all

Hey man, i will try to explain to u:

From ext. Feeder <—If u have an interlining agreement with another airline, pax from theire flights travel onwards with youre airline, most probably to destinations the partner airline doesn’t fly

From own feeder <---- The pax first took a flight to lets say youre Hub, onboard of one of youre own aircraft, and now travel onwards to another destination, also on one of youre planes (so the second flight they take with youre airline that day)

To ext. connection<----Pax first fly’s onboard on one of youre aircraft, but they will now travel onwards with one of the interlining partners

To own connection<---- Almost the same as ''From own feeder" but now we are talking about the first of the two flights, so after this flight they will take another flight of youre’s

What i noticed is that, although interlining isn’t for free, when u choose the right partner, u most probably will really bennefit from it! Some flights of my airline, mostly to one of the smaller destinations, where just about 50% filled… since i got two good IL agreements, they are now filled for almost 100%, mostly from the ‘‘from ext. feeder’’ catagory!

many thank’s…