Can't add seats to 1 plane

A few days ago I leased a new plane with just enough money. After leasing I was left with only a few hundred A$, so the system could not automatically assign pilots or add seats to the plane.

The problem is after that,  and (as today) with 400.000 A$, I still cannot assign any seats to the plane. I did manage to hire some pilots and do a transfer flight, but I still cannot add a configuration to the airplane.

I'm doing something wrong or is this a bug ??

Greets and thanks !.




There has been an update a few days ago ..... with that update all Seat configs can not be assigned to new planes. You have to make a new one and then assign it and it will work. If you use a "new" seating configuration to change an old one you will be compensated with the actual value of the old Configuration

Great, that solved it.

Thanks again.