Can't play! - No passengers - Help

Someone help me please. I can't get any passengers anymore.  I have 4 737's on 2 different holdings in Stapleton, and no matter what I change, i still don't get passengers.  It's as if the online reservation system is attacking me personally!  I have deleted whole flight plans, and created other ones over and over again, with the same results - nothing.

Somebody knows why this is happening. (but it's not me)  What should I do?  Do I have to liquidate and start over?


Michael Reeder



Nobody wants to fly in that old planes on AS. Way bad choice as a start.


If you dont get any passengers at all, you may have a problem with traffic rights. You can transport passengers only to and from the home country of your holding! Furthermore, there are routes where no transport is allowed, e.g. between airports of one single city, or between Israel and arab countries etc.

Since you have deleted your airlines, I can´t check where the problem is. Just try it again, nobody has started as an expert here.

Just try it again, nobody has started as an expert here.


 nobody has started as an expert here.

Hahaha ...

Those days when I restarted, restarted, and restarted again, till I know my own business model.