Can't use Online Reservation System

Everytime I try to use the ORS it gives me this error:

Search request failed!

  • For performance reasons, ORS requests are deactivated right now. Thank you for your patience.

Yep - we are updating the airport changes and as long as there is a backlog in the update process (you can see this by following the game status link in the footer) the ORS is deactivated.

…which is almost always the case.


not really ;)

More often than not, on Tempelhof, it’s unavailable. If you keep hitting refresh to get it to come up without the "performance" message, eventually it works out, but it often takes a lot of patience.

If I’m doing something wrong, please lmk, but I end up rarely using the tool because its availability is so spotty.


Thank you for the replies. So it seems to be a function of maintenance.


I am not meaning to offend, but I have to agree with outlier.

I experience the same thing on Idlewild. I have been trying to get an ORS response now for over 10 minutes, by continually hitting the "Search Connections" button.

This happens more often than it does not, and probably something like 90% of the time.

Since the ORS is supposed to be central to playing the game, it is extremely frustrating. I often make decisions without using it, because I simply don’t have 10 minutes for every iteration of the idea I am considering…

However this works in the background of the game, it needs to be redesigned.

I would be happy to keep track of how many attempts and when I make them, if it helps lead to a solution.


the ORS should be called Eldorado… it feels like you have struck a goldmine if it actually works :P

I usually check the game status page. If the server has a delay of less than one minute and there is no big airport on the (next 10 airports) list, I open the ORS in a different tab/window and wait patiently until the red and yellow lines have disappeared.

Things like handling messages, updating users or ending business weeks are usually done in a second. Calculating passenger demand can be pretty annoying. Every 20 seconds or so the server calculates passenger demand (travel desires) for another airport. Unfortunately, it can take up to several minutes to calculate passenger demand of a big airport. If the next 10 airports on the list are “farm tracks” with only a few flights, the server can catch up in a few minutes. But if there is another biggish airport on the list, the delay can increase. And every half an hour the server enters flights in the ORS. On a busy server that takes around 2 minutes (or more). That automatically means another two minute delay. At this moment the Tempelhof server has a 20 minutes delay, so I won’t be using the ORS this evening.

If everything goes well, the server catches up before the next delay and you get a time window in which you can use the ORS.

But you can figure out you own ratings… not 100%, but still pretty accurate. All my planes use the same seats and have similar ratings for on-board service. I know my ORS rating will be 100/99 if I charge default price plus 30% for an economy ticket. If you know the rating of a few flights, you know the rating of all your flights, so to speak.


You make it sound like agreeing with me is inherently offensive! (It isn’t always .)


If the server is chewing on a large airport, or catching up a bit of delay due to chewing on a large airport earlier, you can press that button as much as you like, it still won’t show you any results. It’s easier (and probably less frustrating) to check the game status. If you see red numbers, then no ORS access is possible (well, not exactly, but it’s a good rule of thumb).

If that is the case, then the obvious solution is to change the scheduling so that ORS is updated less frequently. After all, what is the point of updating ORS if the result is that nobody can use it??


the ORS is more than a tool for the players… it is the engine behind the game. If I am correct, the system works like this:

  • 09:16 hrs: ORS enters flights (that will leave three days from now) in the system.

  • 09:42 hrs: Beirut checks passenger demand.

  • 09:46 hrs: ORS enters the next batch of flights in the system.

In theory every flight can be booked three times before it departs. However, flights that are scheduled to depart from Beirut between 09:16 and 09:42 will only be checked twice.

As flights are entered in the system every half an hour, the “black zone” for any airport is at the most 29 minutes. If flights are entered in the system once per hour, the black zone can be 59 minutes. The more time you keep between entering flights in the system, the bigger your black zone is. Plus, I don’t know if you would save much time. Less frequent updates would mean that more flights have to be entered in the system.


Indeed, making the update less frequent won’t help at all. All you’re doing is instead of 2 minutes (or however long) per half hour, you now take 4 minutes per hour. You’re not changing the amount of flights that need to be entered per hour, so you’re not actually changing anything, you’re just moving the problem elsewhere.

I would not want to know what goes behind the working of the ORS. All i want is to use the ORS function to get a better idea before scheduling my flights on routes.

I have almost given up hope that I will ever get it working. Yes, ofcourse i check the status of the server before going through with ORS and most of the time if not all the time its red and lagging behind.

Its sad to see that such an important tool is unavailable to players most of the time.

True enough, Nabs.

I am often frustrated because the game status page shows red lines, meaning I can’t use the ORS.


What about some kind of dual system with replication? I have seen this in action in "real-world" systems. So something like this.

ORS 1 is the "real" system, the system that runs the game, and processes every moment, as it does today.

ORS2 is the "reporting system". This would be replicated from ORS 1 by some kind of copy/paste system every 30 minutes or so. ORS would not be used to process the game calculations, but only to respond to player inqueries to the "ORS". Even if this process took 2-3 minutes, having 27 minutes of every 30 uninterrupted would be better than the current "trial and error" system, where a player has to monitor the game and think about which city it is going to process next.

For the most part, since flights are basically fixed once posted - meaning no changes other than cancelling - the rating of each does not change. I can see my bookings in the "Load Monitoring" section, and I can see other carriers beting "fully booked" or not in the "Route Management" screen. So these are irrelevant here. What is really important is to see the flight ratings in rank order.

I really appreciate the thoughtful consideration in this thread. Obviously, we all want a better game environment and experience!

Ha. I am not sure I’ve ever posted with you before! At any rate, SK seemed to be defending the way the system works. I just did not want my concerns to be seen as anything other than comments meant to improve the game. I still think this is the best airline simulation on the net.


I appreciate that comment. I have a general idea what my ratings are, in a manner similar to what you describe. However, at least in my chosen markets on my server, my competition is all over the place. So two markets can be similar, but if they have different competitors, those competitors strategies impact the rankings of the ratings. So it is less about my raitings, and more about where my ratings stand in relation to my competitors.

I appreciate your thoughts, however. You routinely post great information, and I thank you for that!