Cargo Aircraft Data(includind fuel consumption and maintenance time)

After a long period of collection,I got data for most cargo aircrafts.
Here is the data and I hope it can help you.

All data is base on fitting calculation and it has a little error from the actual data.
All data is base on economic speed.
The fuel consumption data is only applicable within max range at max cargo capacity.
The duration on ground varies from airport to airport.

Here are the computational formulas:
Flight time for each flight = Takeoff and landing time + Range / Economic speed
Fuel consumption for each flight = Fuel consumption base on takeoff and landing + Fuel consumption base on range x Range
Maintenance time = Maintenance time base on takeoff and landing x the numbers of takeoffs and landings + Maintenance time base base on range x Range

The freight cost data is only includind the fuel, cargo logistics fees and leasing installments.