Cargo Conversation LET410

Hello all,

How can I convert LET into a cargo plane? I have checked the cabin config. but was not able to find.

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Shalom Airlines

Just don't put any seats into the aircraft.

Anyway, LETs are not really profitable for cargo and consume a lot of slots. So there should be good reasons for using them and from my point of view, there aren't many markets where you'll find good reasons for flying cargo with LETs.

Thanks for the tip :)

I have set up an airline in TLV (craydon), my goal is to provide PAX service, now I have 3 Q400A. The reason I use LET (leased 1) is to see the cargo potential. If makes sense, my plan is to go for 737s.

Cargo is coming along with quiet some differences, so good luck with this.

Just for testing, some LETs might make sense, but you won't get a true feedback on the financial site. To fill 737 (excluding some high traffic routes) it needs a good network. Another option to start with are ATRs, that perform per CU in general better than the 737, are available in two sizes and are easier to fill.

You will not make any money out of a cargo LET "I have tested it".

You will not make any money out of a cargo LET "I have tested it".

That's not true. Anyway, as suggested, LETs aren't performing in an acceptable way.