Cargo Conversion

SORRY! I can almost hear the groans from here - NOOBY QUESTION! But…I have searched and am probably missing the obvious…how the heck do you convert an aircraft to cargo. I’m using a Fokker F27-300 which says it is cargo convertible; is it a simple case of removing the seats? Thanks.

Yeap, that’s all you gotta do!

Due to the best of my knowledge

In case you have a convertible aircraft and

you do not put seats to the aircraft = freighter

(flights are in brown after you activated the flight schedule)

you put seats into the aircraft = normal pax aircraft

(flights are in green after you activated the flight schedule)

sorry, not a very good english - but i think you need some help and not a lot of players online this night

Thanks. That’s great. @Rainer, your English is much better than my German! :)

So can you put half seats and leave half for freight

No, that isn't possible.