Cargo holds empty, what am i missing?

I recently started playing, and have 2 cargo ac’s. i have them on routes, pilots, and they are flying, but they are not hauling anything. What am i missing?


instead of starting to guess it helps if you could tell us the Server you are playing and your companys Name so its easier to have a look. For the moment i can assume a few things. The Cargo and passenger demand for each airport in the gameworld is only calculated once within 24hrs. And if you activated your Flightplan (it is activated I hope? ) with 3 days delay it will take 3 days before your flight starts and you should see some Cargo filling. If you haven’t activated your flight plan yet then your flights are not booked and therefore you will get no cargo. Another option might be the price that is too high if you are at an airport with heavy competition. So best sing is give us your Company Name and the server and help is underway ;)

i realized the planes were not at the scheduled air port, i forgot to transfer them to my airport. got that, done, after i reset my stuff already, but thanx for the reply