Cargo Only Operators Image And ORS Rating

Quick question....

Typical route for me, DXB-FRA

The route is currently served by a 40 year old Boeing 747-200F...

Would changing it to a brand new Boieng 777-200F make any difference to the load factor?

I ask, as I've always based my ops on the hub and spoke system, but some mega hubs just appear to be operating....oddly. (FRA/DXB) with very poor loads despite low prices, and excellent feeding networks.

How does the image/ORS system really work for cargo only operators? Does aircraft type/age etc make any difference for us guys, or is it just price/demand?


You switched over to 6 times daily 77F at DXB-FRA, you could share your knowledge.

No change what so ever....still amazing poor loads, no matter how much I change the aircraft or pricing....

And its nice shiny new 777F's too.... :blink:

Cargo gotten worse for me, barely over half of my cargo capacity even though I'm a passenger airline.

The game always been critisied on the no. of cargos. Except playing in the cargo hotspot. Basically you can't operate a cargo fleet between big cities easily.