cargo transfer despite "transfer impossible"?

I have cargo flights to an airport (AQJ) which is listed as "transfer impossible", but looking at the load factors there is some cargo showing up under "from own feeder" and "to own connection".

Does the "transfer impossible" only apply to passengers, and not to freight?

Transfer impossible generally means you can have the plane leave the airport as soon as its ready to leave. If you have an airport that has a transfer time of at least 1:30 for example, that means you will need to have the plane depart at least an hour and a half from its arrival time (not when its ready to leave), but transfer impossible airports are generally too small to have that.

That’s just my two cents from experience, I’m not really an expert. I’m not even sure there’s a difference between PAX and cargo in this case.


Does anyone know if the transfer time for cargo is equal with the one for passengers??

Yes, it´s equal

The fright remains in the Plane and is taken to the next airport in your flight plan.

I don’t think that’s correct. There are two times involved, one is the turnaround time of the aircraft, the other is the transfer time of the airport. An aircraft can land and then depart as soon as its turnaround time has elapsed. The transfer time of the airport tells you how much time must elapse between one flight landing and another flight departing. If you have two flights A and B, if say flight A arrives at 12:00 and the airport transfer time is 1:30, then PAX from flight A can only transfer to flight B if flight B departs later than 13:30.

What about PAX, does the same apply?

As far as I know transfer times only apply if an aircraft change is involved

Yes, it´s the same

Yes this correct. It does not matter where your aircraft stops pax and cargo can continue on with the same aircraft, almost as if it were a ‘via’ flight. For example if you have a flight from DXB-AQJ then AQJ-LHR then the cargo from DXB can pass through AQJ on the one aircraft. This is where you get those stats of ‘from own feeder’ and ‘to own connection’. This is a good tool as it lets you know how much cargo is being dropped off and picked in the relevant port. In templehof I flew DXB-MLE, MLE-SIn and back. I always had cargo being staying on the aircraft. Only about 20 units or so were for MLE in either direction.

But as for your original questions ‘transfer impossible’ applies to both pax and cargo. If you were to hub and spoke there you would not get very far!