Cargo type comparison?


I just wanted to see if I should expand my operations in cargo business but when I went to evaluate certain types to certain routes I wasn't able to compare any solely cargo aircraft over there. Game world is Idlewild and as I had to put the age value of the aircraft down to 17 years to be able to screen MD11F's as well the other fields did not offer the possibility to select "cargo only" instead of different cabin seats etc the aircraft list does not give cargo aircraft at all.

So how can one compare cargo aircraft?

You mean the aircraft evaluation tool?

You cannot evaluate cargo rutes in the tool yet. Best thing to do, is simply try and fail. :-)

You can look at the performance tool and to the math offline of course.

OK, thanx :)

Is the eventual inclusion of cargo in the aircraft evaluation tool on the team's "to-do" list?

Yep, it is ;)