Change aircraft

Hi all, new to this, but so far enjoying. I have one question. I have started a schedule with a ERJ135 and have noticed that on the first day the flight has sold out very quick. Is there anyway of changing that aircraft to a larger aircraft (like the E170); so I can sell more seats, instead of deleting the flight schedule and starting again?

Look forward to any replies.

There are a lot of issues that go along with switching a flight to another type of airplane. You have to consider the speed of the aircraft, differing costs between the two types of aircraft, and other matters such as pilots, training, and maintenance.

If you think the flight could use more seats, why not lease another aircraft and schedule more flights along that route?

I could do that, I just didnt know if I could change the aircraft to a larger type for that flight. I could lease more aircraft, but think I have leased too many already lol. My first day doing this today, so I am still learning the ropes.

Also, I appreciate that I would have to position one of my aircraft from one location to the other for this.

You can change the aircraft for that flight. I'm not sure exactly how to do it. There are several current threads that describe how to change flights from one aircraft to another.

Thanks again, will have a look for the threads

Already booked flights, sticks to the airplane. You cannot move 123 passengers from Amsterdam to Dubai tomorrow, to a larger plane - you have to assign the flight to a bigger plane, and then in 3 days, it will start being flown with a bigger capacity.

Ok, will do once I start making money. Thanks again


If it selling so fast you could increase the price for the tickets. It means you have a big demand and the passengers will pay. And you will have the big plane sooner  ;) .

Very true. Have done that already ;-)