I report the users

user: [color="#FF0000"]removed by admin[/color]

user: [color="#FF0000"]removed by admin[/color]

Of double accounting, please can the support staff carry out further investigations

Please no names mentioned in the forum wars multi-account concerns

Always report such matters to the support

mail address can be found in game

Yes, yoko is very right. Please send your report to and it will be taken care of.

Sorry but, someone else did not heed this rule

read "alliance in fornebu"

does the ingame function work, where you can report suspicious behaviour, too? or shall we use only e-mail?

Use both whenever possible. In your e-mail, you can then point out that you already reported the company. This makes it a bit easier for us to find it as well, and lets other users know that the company is already being looked into.