Choice of how flight schedules are displayed


While trying to sort out interlining in order to make things more efficient, I noticed that, while airports and alliances have flight schedules organised by country, and you may only view one country at a time, airlines have every flight scedule listed at once, which can be very irritating while trying to find a single airport or country's airports in the list. What I am proposing is that there should be a way of changing the format of these lists to either display everything or to just display a single country at a time, which could be achieved by simply having a small checkbox with 'list style' next to the 'hub time' option at the top of an airline's flight schedule.

This could also be implemented on the lists already showing information on a country-wide basis, such as those in an airport's flight schedule, creating some standardisation throughout the game, making for a more intuitive and simple experience.

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I suggested something along the same lines