Civil Aviation Authority

I think civil aviation authorities should be added to the game. It will enable airlines to request to operate domestic routes in another country and to create special 5th rule flights and also to give other punishment when they are reported. Eg to disallow flight to a country(s) or to suspend the airlines flying license. And so on.

I would say that the team or UAB members could be the decision maker of the authority.

To be honest - this would end in a lot of angry discussions…

Well if I can make a compromise, it can only approve only a certain single foreign route so if you want to operated hundreds of routes in another country it would take like 4 months of request and approval.

But what would that accomplish?

As a feeder for other routes.

Hm… you would face a lot of discussions if you had to be that aviation authority

And on a serious note, traffic rights (and their restrictions) help to protect the domestic markets. Allowing to give extra traffic rights will benefit big airlines more than the small ones. At least, I guess more big airlines will ask for extra traffic rights than small beginning airlines.


Maybe we could put like a 5 route limit per foreign country.