Click and drag scheduling

Would be really nice to create your flight number see it on the weekly calendar but then be able to click and drag it to a just right schedule instead of having to input a new time manually. This would save time and frustration when you get to the end of the day and due to all the wag in your schedule your only at 90% for maintenance.

thats a really good idea. It would be so much easier creating a flight schedule if you didnt have to go back and play with the time just to find slots that are open.



I’ve never seen this being a problem. It’s easy to find suitable slots: Enter the time around which you want to depart. If it works, great, enter in schedule. If not, use the two links to the respective slot displays for the airports and find a combination that works. Shouldn’t take more than a minute to set up a flight. You could do an entire aircraft in under 5 minutes that way, assuming you are planning to fly to slot-heavy airports.

Takes a lot more then 5 minutes if you make a minor mistake or find out you have not left enough at the end. Usually is fairly frustrating and end up just deleting the whole line, tried it a few times took close to 15 minutes on my connection. Might be ok if on a fast connection but for people not as lucky just wastes a lot of time.

You’ll have the same problem in a click-and-drag environment. Every time you move the thing, it needs to check a bunch of things (most notably slot availability), so you’re going to have your planning go just as slow anyway. If anything you’re going to go slower if you don’t pre-select your departure and arrival slot to match your desired window for the flight.

With all respect I’d agree with Coolrush24 that planning flights between airports with heavily used slots is time-consuming and tedious. If you are planning a flight from A to B and back, effectively you are trying to line up four different slots simultaneously. However, I see the problem in the way that free slots are presented. The detail display only shows the slots for one hour, and then on exact hour boundaries. To give a concrete example, suppose I depart from A at approximately 8:00, land at B at 11:00, turnaround and depart from B at 12:00 and land at A at 15:00. That means that I have to look at all the following slot pages at the same time -

7:00-8:00 at A

8:00-9:00 at A

10:00-11:00 at B

11:00-12:00 at B

12:00-13:00 at B

14:00-15:00 at A

15:00-16:00 at A

  • no less than seven slot displays! No wonder it’s tedious. What you really need is a way to overlap the slot detail pages with a sliding overlap so as to see where the holes line up.

A 'move to next/previous free slot would be nice…


I keep telling my pilots to fly a little bit faster or slower, so they arrive when a slot is free… but they ignore me.

Alternatively, slots could be counted per 15 minutes instead of per 5 minutes. That would help those airlines who don’t like a different flight number for every day of the week ;)


Here’s how I go about this:

I take my aircraft, schedule the desired flight for the desired time, and see if the slots work. If there’s a problem, I click the links (right click -> open in new tab) to open the slot displays for the respective airports. The time I would arrive is listed, so I open that screen. The departure time I entered manually as well, so I open that one. Now I look for the first available slot at the airport that restricted me, see the time difference from the original arrival time, and add that to my departure time. Back to the departure slot display, check whether the new time works, and go. Enter it in your scheduling tool and you’re done. Doesn’t need to take much more than 20-30 seconds. I don’t think that’s time consuming…

It gets trickier when you try to fly between two busy airports, and both have problems with slot availability. Still, at the most I can see how some may find it tedious, but it’s really not that time consuming.

Well of course it’s trickier between busy airports, obviously we wouldn’t be discussing the issue if we were only scheduling between airports with empty slots.

Then I guess your definition of what is time consuming doesn’t match with mine. I have no issues scheduling flights between AMS and ATL (for instance), it really doesn’t take long to find a suitable set of slots to use. I could probably schedule a return journey in well under 2 minutes. I think that’s a perfectly acceptable time investment.

We have same sentiments with the TS. Click and Drag in flight scheduling is really a good feature when it becomes possible.

I do also have another idea,

Instead of just simple light blue colors on aircraft flight scheduling page. Why not changed the color according the slots availability (ie, Red = no few slots, Yellow = half vacant and Green=Lots of vacant)

Try doing that at DCA and see how long it takes to find a good slot? When your trying to find a needle in a haystack it becomes quiet a long process. I spent 30 mins to an hr trying to find a slot to land and depart in even using the slots tab was very hard. Then again if 1 airline wasnt using 2000 slots for a DH4 to small airports it would of been easier but thats another story.