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I have noticed that quite a few AS Airlines manage to fly within a city, I mean they operate flights between airports serving the same city. As this is totally ridiculous, but will generate nice money in AS, I was wondering what the general opinion on this strategy is. I would even vote for a block on flights between airports that are within a certain range, let’s say 100km (that even being a very short distance). I don’t think that there are people that much addicted to flying that they would fly from JFK to LGA, or from LCY to LHR, or maybe HND to NRT…

Apart from positioning flights I really don’t think these happen in real life…



I kind of agree, but I’m also aware of instances where this sort of does happen in real life. Having lived for 10 years in southern California, there were a number of daily non-stops between LAX and SNA (Orange County), only about a 45 minute drive up the 405. Granted, there are some extenuating circumstances in this/these market(s) (e.g., SNA has a curfew and relatively short runways, plus southern California traffic), but, nevertheless, the market (apparently) supports it happening*.



  • Although, looking at the John Wayne Airport Web site, it does not appear to happen any more. Still, I personally flew on a flight from SNA to LAX (and then connecting on to IAD) about five years ago and, at the time, both American and United were flying the 19-seaters on the route several times daily.

I don’t think these flights were ever profitable but might have made sense for connecting traffic or flying crew. Still on the main point of my topic, flying from JFK to LGA or EWR would be just a waste of slots.

Two interesting examples…

JFK - LGA I don’t see the use, they’re really close together, maybe 20 minutes apart. Did the drive myself once, arriving in LGA and then taxi to JFK. Including traffic it took me 30 minutes, so not bad at all.

JFK/LGA - EWR on the other hand I could fully understand. At least, if you’re using a small aircraft that can be handled quickly, thus requiring minimal time for check-in, security, etc. Both of them are easily 45 minutes drive from eachother, despite being perhaps only 20 miles apart. And that’s not even considering any traffic you might run into on the turnpike. I did that particular drive once as well.

I’d like to know how exactly you managed to drive from JFK to EWR in only 45 minutes!

Google says…

In reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re spending well over an hour to do that. The only driving experience I have in NYC is getting lost while trying to find the Holland Tunnel… Must have driven 2 or 3 laps through Manhattan trying to find the westbound entrance…

It was also funny, I had just arrived, no US Dollars on me, only Credit Card and Travellers’ Cheques (they are American Express after all), but the tollbooth at the Midtown tunnel wouldn’t accept any of them. Ended up finding an ATM somewhere in a hotel lobby after driving around for ages… Only to end up finding a bridge that didn’t require tolls… And here I thought credit cards were supposed to make life easier…

Check NRT-HND on Stapleton… You can fly by DH4, CR7 and, yes, even by a 747 on that route. I’ve been running 11-seat CNCs there from the beginning, but it’s funny to see the big aircraft as well.

I fly between AUH/DXB/AAN - main source is connecting traffic. Good premium on these smaller routes especially if you have a 140% maintenance ratio - these small flights bring it down to 100-110% so essentially some extra money.

I’m booking an air-taxi like schedule on a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B I just ordered on lease from MDW-ORD. I’ll keep you guys up to speed on how much if succeeds or epicly fails.

After two days of running the route (MDW-ORD) it’s selling out almost every flight. How can I not continue to run it when it’s easy money and helping with my interlining?

I think the basic problem from AirlineSim’s perspective is that the “demand” for each airport is discrete such that an MDW customer is not an ORD customer. I imagine it would be very, very difficult (and probably processor-intensive) to model demand on a “proximity to airport” basis, but that would obviously be the “holy grail” that stopped the reality-divergent intra-city flying.


There’s an easier way… reduce the ORS penalty for transfers to ‘close’ airports.

This will be nice. I will probably try BBU-OTP