Completely no passenger on few flights

Completely no passenger on few flights like these: SY52 Y class in 17.01.2014, 18.01.2014

I've checked ORS and found the flight even does not exist in the system!

But C/F class exists!

The pictures:

1st showing SY52 Y class is completely not selling in 17.01.2014, 18.01.2014, while C/F is selling good.

2nd showing SY52 Y class in 17.01.2014, 18.01.2014 does NOT exist in ORS system, but 19.01.2014 exists.

3rd showing SY52 C class in 18.01.2014 DOES exist in ORS system. (C class 17.01.2014 flight is filtered since it's full)

Totally confused, weird. *_*

Your overall rating of the economy is worse so this one is no booking option.

Tick out the "ignore full and ineligible connections" button. This should show you that the connections with 10 AS$ higher price take you just barley below 1 rating.

This is the minimum to get any bookings at all since flights with a negative final rating are not valid (to bad price performance for passengers to book).

I agree that it is a bit confusing and not such neat solution that the drop is this sharp rather then a gradual one, but that is how the system works (I assume due to performance).

I have a table which shows drops %-wise in ORS for price increases (and ORS increases for price decreases). It "IS" gradual drop. What you may find that your current price does not attract enough demand... just one or two dollars less and it may have necessary demand.

I want to point out that a %-wise drop is universal across the board, meaning a 10% price increase would cause same %-wise drop from base ORS of 70 as it would cause from base ORS of 99. You can try and test this yourself if you want, will not post the exact data because it is my proprietary know-how which took me a lot of time and effort to investigate various ORS data for various classes of service, seat types, service types, and stage length combinations.

Thanks guys and now I believe this may be caused by high demand on new server. Any flights above zero rating will be filled up, at least on several high demand/low competitive routes.