Conexus- An alliance that provides connections worldwide!

Hello everyone!

After looking at several alliances in Meigs and being dissapointed by them, 4 airlines have come together on 10th March 2012 to establish Conexus. An alliance based on quality, more than quantity.

Welcome to Conexus-Providing connections worldwide!

If you are keen to be part of Conexus, then read on, and submit an application now!

With its unique Latin roots, Conexus is a global alliance founded on 10th March 2012 in Rome, Italy.

To become a member, you need to:

  • Be based in a sub-region that is currently “OPEN” for members. (Look below.)

  • Be atleast 15 days old.

  • Fly with modern aircrafts. (Average fleet age of less than 5 years.)

  • Have a BBB or higher rating.

  • Use a hub and spoke network.

  • Have no conflicts with existing members.

  • Fly a 2 class cabin configuration.

  • Be listed in one of the top 5 airlines (in terms of passengers) at your hub.

As a member, you should:

  • Bilaterally manage traffic between your hub and another alliance member’s hub.

  • Participate in discussion.

  • Try to go into interlining agreements with respective alliance members if you fly to their hub.

  • Not go into interlining agreements with non-alliance members if an alliance member is based in their hub.

Players from different cultures and languages are highly welcomed but they should be able to write/apply in English.

Conexus follows the “Quality more than Quantity” motto and hence membership places are limited. Conexus has decided to divide regions into the following:

Region (Ideal number of members in that region)

Sub-Region 1 (Airline from this sub-region)

Sub-Region 2 (Airline from this sub-region)

Western Europe (2)

Ireland (Irish Atlantic Airways)

Germany (Air Borussia)

Eastern Europe (3)

Turkey - OPEN

Russia - OPEN

Others - OPEN

North America (3)

Canada - OPEN

USA - West Coast - OPEN

USA - East Coast (Thalior Airlines)

South/Central America (3)

Mexico - OPEN

Brazil - OPEN

Others - OPEN

Far East Asia (3)

China/Japan/Korea (Fly Xina Shanghai)

Philippines - OPEN

Hong Kong - OPEN

South East Asia (1)

Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia - OPEN

West Asia/Middle East (3)

India (Air Hindustan)

UAE / Qatar / Bahrain / Oman - OPEN

Others - OPEN

Africa (2)

Africa – North - OPEN

Africa – South - OPEN

Oceania (2)

Australia – East / New Zeland - OPEN

Australia – West - OPEN

If you are an airline from any sub-region that is currently “OPEN”, and fulfill all the criteria above, submit an application now! Be part of Conexus!

If you are an airine from any sub-region that is not “OPEN”, you will still be considered if you can make a strong application stating advantageous reasons why you should be included and how this will not negatively affect any current members due to competition.

Note: Members will have veto power when considering applications from members who are based in the same region as them. (Seperate regions are shown above with dashes.)