Connecting at smaller airports

I think it would be good if, for a price, an airline could convert an airport where connections are not possible into one where they are possible. For example, I have a French airline based at PTP. It would be great if, as part of my future expansion, I could build a hub at CAY. However, this is not possible because transfers are not allowed. You could charge maybe 3 or 4 million so it would be accessible even to a startup, but high enough so that it doesnt happen too much to clog the server.

This should be bundled with terminals because just terminals can offer enough capacity and infrastructure to make a whole airport suitable for transfers…

Toluca International Airport in Mexico is a real world hub for the airline Interjet and handles around 4.5 million passengers a year. In the AS game, it’s “transfer impossible” .:wacko:

This would be a very welcome addition, since I started using TUC as my hub, unaware that the transfer impossible thing would be hugely detrimental. Now I’m trying to switch my flights to another airport

If not happened already - send us an e-mail to and we will have a look at it.