Connecting flight via 3rd destination


So I’ve been trying to launch a connecting flight via a third country which my company does not headquarter at because the route would be too long. If I were to launch it, does it only connect my hub to the third destination or can the passengers travel from my hub to the final destination via the third destination??

They can go from Country A - C and A - B, but they can not go B - C.
However you can try a scissor hub where flights from AA - B, AB - B, AC -B, and AD - B all land at the same time then have flights go from B - C, B - D, and B - E. You will only be able to get connecting passengers though.

I have been thinking about it, and it works on the outbound legs.

However, the inbound legs would be empty because you do not own traffic rights.

Example: French enterprise

It would work:
Marseille - Addis Abba - Beijing
Nice - Addis Abba - Hong Kong
(you would be offering Marseille to Beijing, Marseille to Hong Kong, Nice to Beijing and Nice to Hong Kong)

However, the other way around would not work because you do not have traffic rights to get chinese PAX to Ethiopia…

Or am I seeing it in the wrong way and on the ORS the Beijing Addis Abba Marseille would count as a Beijing Marseille flight with an extra stop?

Thank you!

But can u clarify on the second example abt AA - B thing??

Sure, AA = Country A City A, AB = Country A City B.

For instance I run a US airline and run flights from SFO/LAX/EWR/JFK/HNL/OGG/PDX/SEA/IAH to NRT all arriving at the same time. Then I have separate flights going to SGN/ICN/CGK/BKK/KHH all leaving 2 hours later. This is what is called a scissor hub. The only reason that this works for me is because I fly 777s and 787s into NRT and then operate the intra-Asia flights with 73Gs. This means I usually have those flights full. The key is that I have connections and a competitive product, because being based in the US means my intra-Asian flights can only be filled by connections. This won’t always work and is kind of an advanced thing but it can allow you to fly to places that might not be viable.

Hope this helped, feel free to ask any more questions and I will try to help


and what is your load on flights in Asia?

I used to fly one flight on the route Tokyo - Anadyr (Russia) - Seattle, but it was a single flight. It worked well for me.

French enterprise to go with your example:
You have the rights to carry pax from and to France via wherever you desire.
So if you go via Ethiopia (don’t do that!!) you get bookings for demand France->anywhere and anywhere->France. You don’t get bookings on the return Asia-> Ethiopia of course.
The fact that you get bookings France->Ethiopia, but not Asia->Ethiopia creates assymetries (empty seats) in your traffic. This is avoided best by picking a hub with zero demand.
I’d love a feature that actually allows me to block any bookings from/to my hub therefore.