Connecting pax statistics

Hi all,

I would like to see an option in the game/simulation that allows the CEO to see where connecting pax on a certain route are coming from/going to.

Now I have a problem whit one of my routes where the morning flight is fully booked (big part connecting pax) and the evening flight is as good as empty, though this flights falls within connection times. So somewhere in my network is(are) an airport(s) that connects to the morning flight and not to the evening flight, but this is impossible to find out as an CEO...

Now, I think we can make the game more interessting when we would have the option to see these connecting statistics, but to keep it challanging, we would have to pay for it in two parts:

-1 Hiring a "route analist" that will be on your payroll for a specific route (1 per route and first has to be at least one week on the payroll before data is gathered)

-2 Having to pay a onetime fixed amount of A$ to get access to this data (button in route management page)

The amount of the fixed fee would depent on the route demand potention and has to be significant so CEO have to reconsider if it's worth to have the route analized.

What about it?



I think this has been suggested several times, and indeed it would be a great feature that I would also like to see. But, although I agree with your first point and the need of a "route specialist", I would not support the second point because then the cost would be too high for this information. You would need to pay that fixed one-time amount plus the wages of the specialist and I think that would be too much. 

But, in general, I agree that transfer statistics with more insight would be very useful. 

This could be a function of the future "marketing" if it's also expanded to market analysis.

You could conduct surveys and analysis to find out where passengers are connecting or perhaps even the direct daily demand/supply between various locations.