Connection Stats

Hello all how are you? how cool it would be to see where are connections are going to what flight so we can plan better :) Just a thought.

That’s an idea given several times. I think the AS Team already know that many of us would really like to see this feature in the game, but I think they are busy developing other features by now, such as the new performance system.


it is not a matter of low priority…

Many people have already asked for a research/marketing tool that tells you how many passengers want to fly between A and B. The answer has always been: "it is part of the game to find out where passengers fly, but real passenger traffic is an indication". Giving detailed information about origin and destination of transfer passengers would partly give away that information, so I don’t think it will ever be implemented.

And another reason… when an airport calculates its demand, the ORS looks for decent connections and books these flights. I don’t think the system keeps track of every individual passenger during the 3 days that flights can be booked, plus the day after the flight is performed. That would mean a game serve would have to keep track of 50 million individual passengers. And every time you open a flight information page, the server would have to search the data base to find out where transfer passengers originally come from or where they finally go to.