Connection times question

I just want to be 100% sure about this . . .

if an airport allows for a 1 hour connection time, does that mean that passengers definitely will be able to connect from a flight that arrives at 5:00 onto another flight that departs at 6:00 ?

also, with an 8 hour maximum connection time, does this mean that passengers arriving on a 5:00 flight definitely will be able to connect onto a flight that departs at 13:00 (exactly 8 hours later) ?

Yes, thats right.

But be carefull with the secounds. AS does not show secounds.

So, if your flights arrive at 5:00:10 (the 10 secounds you do not see) the PAX will not arrive the flight at 6:00:00.

So plan your flights 1 hour and 1 minute later…

Same with the 8 hours maximum transfer time.

Good to know, that we also counting seconds here.

ok, thats very good to know about the seconds !!! I had actually scheduled all my connection times before so that they were 1 hour and 1 minute just to be safe, so now I will have to put them all back , i’m glad i asked !!!