Sorry if it’s already asked before, i have searched for it but haven’t found the answer so here we go,

If I have connections within my own airline like for instance from A via my hub to B, do I have to find them in the ORS before pax will fly on that?

I have searched my timetable and found quite some connections but if I Iook for them on the ORS they do not show, are these useless then?


Bram Roovers

CEO of GulfJet

Hi Bram,

your flights should - at least in theory - appear in the ORS. But…

… usually there a more possible connections than the ORS shows. To reduce the number of possible flights, check the box that says "in 48 hours".

… the ORS shows flights with the highest ratings first. If your flights have a low rating, they might not show up on the list.

This being said, the ORS sometimes doesn’t show flights with a high rating either. Do another search and your flights might show up.

If they still don’t show up, check the A-hub and the hub-B route seperately with a 48 hours delay. More chance your flights will show up. If the rating of the seperate flights is low, the combined rating is bound to be lower. Then you know why your flights don’t show up on the A-B route.