I am thinking about my current schedule.  It is one for connections at 05:00 10:00 15:00 and 20:30  

I have scheduled arrival times for the following                                   03:45  08:45 13:45        19:15

The ready for departures are                                                             04:30  09:30 14:30  and 20:00

Is this good for a 1hour and 15mins connection in Nice using dashes. Or do I have to have the ready for departure time as the arrival time? 

Thanks in advance. 


Voyager European 

Nice Airport

You plan it from the arrival time. Example

You fly to Nice from wherever and the arrival time is 08.45. The plane will be ready for departure at 09.45 but due to minimum transfer time you should not depart earlier than 10.01 so your passengers can connect. Only 16 minutes idle time.

You should always give it a minute more to ensure you have at least 1 h 15 min. For example you could let all your planes arrive until 08.44 and the you can let them depart at 10.00.

Hope this helps

Thanks. It will.