Constellation - New Game World

An exciting new world is starting up!

A group of us are starting a new server this week. The quarter (3 months) fee will range from 55€ to 45€ based on the number of players (may be more depending on payment structure).

More details about the server:

• 6 Holdings per player MAX
• 2 passenger subsidiaries max per holding, 4 if including cargo/ground
• MAX 2 holdings per player in EU countries
• 50mil starting capital per holding
• No night bans
• Dynamic turnaround times (DTA)
• ILs between own holdings and airlines are allowed and activated
• Traffic and ground networks are activated
• Single slots
• Stock market is active
• Investment-open countries (List C)
• The use of real names and images for airlines is allowed and desired
• Quarterly payment 55 EURO OR Monthly payment of 20 EURO (Discount if you pay Quarterly)
• Availability of aircraft: Only current aircraft available new
• Fair and reasonable amount of used aircraft on market

For communication, we use Whatsapp!

*** CURRENTLY 11/20 (25MAX) PLAYERS***

Whoa, this is quick!

Hope my post will get the ad into highlighted topic.

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*** UPDATE ***

World has been ordered from AS! Will open during the next week!

Start on 21/03/2020
we are now 16/25 players

Hi, I am interested. Where can I sign up?

We are ready to start.
Server is activ at 20/03/2020 at 8 o’clock german time
new players are welcome

Hi , i would like to join, cant send private msg for some reason, can you please contact me ? Thanks

Hey there. Still room to join?

Hello! Is there room to join?

There are now 5 more places on server

I’m interested in joining!

I’m interested to join.
No timelimit server I guess ?

there are now 3 more places on server

Hi I am interested in joining, can I see what markets are open first?

All countries are open, but most of the important countries already have competition.

Countries that don’t have airlines yet include:

  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Cambodia
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
    and many more.

Just as a disclaimer, the list is changing sometimes. As the server just started these changes happen relatively frequent still.

One places is left on server

Hi, if there is still a seat open I would like to join