Constellation - New Game World

An exciting new world is starting up!

A group of us are starting a new server this week. The quarter (3 months) fee will range from 55€ to 45€ based on the number of players (may be more depending on payment structure).

More details about the server:

• 6 Holdings per player MAX
• 2 passenger subsidiaries max per holding, 4 if including cargo/ground
• MAX 2 holdings per player in EU countries
• 50mil starting capital per holding
• No night bans
• Dynamic turnaround times (DTA)
• ILs between own holdings and airlines are allowed and activated
• Traffic and ground networks are activated
• Single slots
• Stock market is active
• Investment-open countries (List C)
• The use of real names and images for airlines is allowed and desired
• Quarterly payment 55 EURO OR Monthly payment of 20 EURO (Discount if you pay Quarterly)
• Availability of aircraft: Only current aircraft available new
• Fair and reasonable amount of used aircraft on market

For communication, we use Whatsapp!

*** CURRENTLY 11/20 (25MAX) PLAYERS***

Whoa, this is quick!

Hope my post will get the ad into highlighted topic.

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*** UPDATE ***

World has been ordered from AS! Will open during the next week!

Start on 21/03/2020
we are now 16/25 players

Hi, I am interested. Where can I sign up?

We are ready to start.
Server is activ at 20/03/2020 at 8 o’clock german time
new players are welcome

Hi , i would like to join, cant send private msg for some reason, can you please contact me ? Thanks

Hey there. Still room to join?

Hello! Is there room to join?

There are now 5 more places on server

I’m interested in joining!

I’m interested to join.
No timelimit server I guess ?

there are now 3 more places on server

Hi I am interested in joining, can I see what markets are open first?

All countries are open, but most of the important countries already have competition.

Countries that don’t have airlines yet include:

  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Cambodia
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
    and many more.

Just as a disclaimer, the list is changing sometimes. As the server just started these changes happen relatively frequent still.

One places is left on server

Hi, if there is still a seat open I would like to join

Hi we have free places up to the 20.04.2020 on server with interesting markets
if you are interessing please contact me

Here is a short update for our free regions:

USA (east coast)
Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece)
some countries in South America and Africa
Start is possible immediately, contact via PN or Whatsapp possible

actual free places in big and small market avaible, contact vie PN thx