Cooperation between Holdings of One player


I know that a cooperation between two Holdings of one player ist forbidden, per game rules. Though the examples only state selling aircrafts, IPOs, etc. What is the ruling about a simple Interline agreement?


The same - it stated that every cooperation is forbidden.

What about if holding/enterprise A starts holding/enterprise B to lease an aircraft. Only to delete the holding/enterprise B when the aircraft is delivered so that the holding/enterprise A can lease it.

The end purpose of this function being that holding/enterprise A accomplishes increased delivery or production of a specific model or series of aircraft. In addition to holding/enterprise A would not have to pay the costs of deleting holding/enterprise B (such as employee termination, etc). I would think that doing this creates any unfair advantage since the production cycle of a particular aircraft is more or less double.

I don’t think you can lease between separate holdings as well. But if a holding A starts a company B then it’s ok.

The excess costs (severance costs etc.) will be then covered when the company B is bankrupting.

But this would create an unfair advantage and would be a co-operation of separate holdings in some form. The unfair advantage is gained by being able to order more aircraft than is intended, and since a player would be fielding additional aircraft than a competitor they can establish themselves quicker.

But I do agree that if enterprise B is created using funds from Holding A it would be more or less fair with the closing costs eventually coming out of the pocket of holding A. In the eyes of holding A it just makes leasing an aircraft at a higher production more expensive I suppose.


if I am correct there are two limitations to what you describe:

Delivery time for new planes is counted per holding, not per airline. Creating a subsidiary would not result in faster deliveries.

And creating a subsidiary to buy a plane and then lease it to your holding (or another subsidiary) is rather expensive… you cannot lease out planes if your equity is less than 50 million.

Buying/leasing planes between two holdings of the same player is not allowed, and probably not even possible.


Ok, so maybe using subsidiaries doesn’t work. I didn’t realize that, but what about other holdings, for example:

Lets say a player has a holding “A” as the main airline on Stapleton or one of the other servers. Lets say this holding is well established and has a high need for a certain type of aircraft, lets say the 787-8 or 737-900ER BGW for example. Now since it is a new aircraft or a sought after model, there usually is not a high supply in the leasing pool already requiring you to order them and just wait for delivery. Now lets say you don’t want to wait because the aircraft has a long build time (Wide-bodies and Russian aircraft come to mind) or some other reason. So now what you do is start a new holding “B”, and order the aircraft on lease. Once the aircraft is delivered, you delete the holding and wait for it to populate in the general leasing pool hoping that no one beats you too it. Then you repeat the cycle as often as needed, it doesn’t work well since a new holding only gets $10m but does “increase” production on a lot of models.

In effect this would give holding "A" an unfair advantage by being able to field aircraft sooner than other holdings/enterprises.


I guess you could do this.

I use the new Antonov 148 and delivery time is indeed quite long. On the other hand, the backbone of my fleet consists of 737’s and these are easy enough to find. I use the Antonovs on a few low demand routes, so the long delivery time doesn’t bother me. The same goes for wide bodies. I don’t think many people need an extra wide body every day.

But some time ago I accidently bought a new 73G, instead of leasing the plane. I sold the plane straight away, without even using it. When AS bought the plane back it did not show up on the list of used planes for lease. So perhaps you need to use the plane for some time before it becomes available for other users.


This is strictly forbidden by the rules of the game! Due to the fact that you use real life money (another holding costs aditional credits) you gain an advantage (otherwise there wouldn’T be a need for delviery periods). So doing this means living with the risk to get everything deleted.