Creating a Passenger Building

I just started my airlines in Bolivia (VVI) and I was wondering how beneficial it would be to open up a building in my airport for passengers. Will I make extra money, do players use Player owned passenger handlers or do they just stick with as? When would I know that my company is ready to build a building like that and what quality should the building be.


the smallest 5 star terminal with jetways costs just under 3 million. If you build one, you save 2000 times 11 dollar. That is what you pay to AS if they do the handling. But if you build a terminal your airline will hire its own ground handling staff and some extra administration staff, costing you around 4 dollar per passenger. So the profit is 7 dollar per passenger. A 5 star terminal with jetways allows you to increase ticket prices by 5 dollar while still keeping the same ORS rating. So all in all your profit is around 12 dollar per passenger, or 24.000 dollar per week.

It has been some time since I made the calculations, but I believe the numbers above are more or less correct. Someone has to correct me if I am wrong.

On the other hand, if you invest your 3 million in two regional jets, or one narrow body jet… your weekly profit should be at least 240.000 dollar per week. That’s 10 times the return of a terminal.

Passenger terminals are things you build when you stop growing your airline and don’t know what to do with the excess profit. But if you build a terminal, I would offer the full service and go for a 5 star terminal with jetways.


Alright it looks like I will just focus on building my fleet. Thank you very much for your help

Hi Jan,

Need your advise. Does the jetways can help when the airport slots already full?




The number of slots don´t change if you build a terminal with or without jetways.

thanks, much appreciated