Credit system

Hi, everyone

I am new here. I still confused with the credit system. I have a holding in Fornebu and i want to create a subsidiary for this holding. How’s the credit count?

Wiki says one hold 4 credit and each additional holding 2 credit. How about the subsidiary? Does subsidiary counts a holding in the game world?

Thanks all

subsidiary is "free". You can create as many subsidiaries you like, without paying extras.


The consumption rate is 2 credits/day for each server that your account is associated with, and another 2 credits/day for each holding - that is, every company that comes with $10 million in startup funds.  When creating a subsidiary, you decide how much startup funding it gets, and those funds are deducted from the parent company's bank balance.  The holding associated with the parent gets charged, but subsidiaries (and subsidiaries of subsidiaries) do not.

Effectively, it's 4 credits/day for the first holding, but it really isn't.  If you delete your airline and still have a positive credit balance, you must deactivate your account on that server, otherwise credits (2/day) will still be deducted.