CRJ900's speed

From wiki(http://en.wikipedia…r_CRJ700_series):

Variant CRJ700 CRJ705 CRJ900 CRJ1000

Basic cruise speed Mach 0.78 (829 km/h, 515 mph) Mach 0.78 (829 km/h, 515 mph) Mach 0.80 (850 km/h, 528 mph) Mach 0.78 (827 km/h, 515 mph)

It seems CRJ900’s speed should be 850km/h instead of 830km/h in the game. Actually this do make change if the speed could be changed. Sometime I have to choose CRJ700 as they both at 830km/h but CRJ700 needs less turn around time and so more efficient than CRJ900.

I notice someone post the similar post on Q400 performance issue, so I just create a similar issue for CRJ900. I hope it could be updated as well.

I’ve flown the CRJ-7/900 and at least at my airline we didn’t ever go .78 unless dispatch specifically planned us to go that fast to make up lost time.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>When looking up cruise speeds online and in books you’ll often find a a wide variety of speeds listed. &nbsp;Because these speeds are based on cruise thrust setting (how much extra gas the operator is willing to spend on additional speed), altitude, and atmospheric conditions real world results can vary. &nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>I believe that the numbers in this game are mostly based on real world performance charts, so the fuel burn is based on the speed listed (which based on the numbers you’ve presented) is actually higher than I’ve seen in normal real world operation.</div>