Does anyone know how much delay departures on Aspern have at the moment? It´s at least 40 minutes, but I can´t tell. Many aircraft which should be airbourne by now are still on the ground.

And... are payments delayed as well??

Looks to me that Aspern is working on time with no delay ...... if there is a backlog then all operations will be delayed ..... payments... leasings.... Weekend closures etc.

I just watched a specific flight departing. It was delayed exactly one hour local time.

Was there a switch from winter to summer time in some countries?

Maybe that´s what it´s all about :P

No, there is no daylight saving time in AirlineSim

But maybe in the patch :P

No, but seriously... how come flights depart exactly one hour behind schedule?

I doublechecked the local time at the airport.

If it helps I could give you an example of an aircraft which should be on it´s way now, but isn´t. And not because of the server time running behind, but I am pretty sure it will depart exactly one hour late.

Well, everyone wanted delays and such... ;)

Well... understandable. It doesn´t really bother me if everything is delayed by one hour.

But does that mean that everywhere on Aspern there is the same delay or just in some parts of the "world"?

Maybe that´s a crucial point. Flights might be cancelled when the time suddenly shifts or payments might have been booked more often if the time in some time zones was not stabile?? I know... wild guess, but seems logic to me... well... the fact that bumblebees can fly seems also logic to me so maybe I am totally wrong :P

Is this good function?

No, I guess I was wrong... I have now several flights which are delayed for more than one hour in differnet parts of the world. :blink:

Anyone else having this problem?

Ok, two flights in two different time zones just departed both exactly 90 minutes late.

The servers are plagued with problems right now. There's so little that can be done from an administrative side it might be best to just go do something else for a couple days. That's what I'm gonna do.. well, I'm going to learn how to do liveries.

Excellent idea. Would you make me one once you figured out, how it works? ;)

What's the cause of these issues? Is it just the patch? Can the patch be "rolled back"

I've got over a 6 hour delay on Aspern going on right now...

I have round about 9 hours

Please read here for more Information and follow up. 

@toiletduck ..... yes the reason was the patch and as said before at the moment there will be no "roll back" simply because it might cause then other problems that are much worse then the situation we have right now. So please be patiened and follow on the status. 

Yes, I know, but your last post said...

"We have managed to fine-tune several parameters in a way that these numbers seem to be constantly decreasing"

Last time I checked, delay was about 4 hours. Now it´s 9. Seems not to be decreasing.

Yep - we hoped over night the numbers decreased and it looked somehow good yesterday evening ... anyhow we are still working to find the bottle-neck and also wait for the new hardware to be installed.

Excellent idea. Would you make me one once you figured out, how it works? ;)

Check out the thread I have on it. I'll give it a try if it's not too crazy.